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Giving thanks: Force4Giving celebrates $176k in donations this Giving Tuesday

A chalkboard reads "Giving Tuesday" surrounded by pumpkins and fall decor

This Giving Tuesday, we’re thankful for the opportunity to help our local communities and make the world a better place. We’re also grateful to report the successes we’ve had integrating and collaborating with the new non-profit, Force4Giving. Separate from Force4Good, Force4Giving was founded in March of 2023 as a public charity and seeks to increase charitable giving in an effort to support small and local nonprofit organizations by streamlining fundraising and donation processes.

This Giving Tuesday, we’re excited to share that since check delivery began in August, Force4Giving has mailed 777 checks totaling $176,092.94 in donations! Each of these is the result of a fundraiser hosted by a participating restaurant on Force4Good’s fundraising platform.

But that’s not all – in the next three weeks, Force4Giving will send out another $76,191.72 in donations for another 328 recent fundraisers! These funds are going to non-profit organizations across the country, such as band booster clubs, PTAs/PTOs, youth sports teams, animal rescues, and many other well-deserving groups.

Fundraisers are easy to host and especially effective ways for nonprofits to raise money, but hosting companies sometimes struggle to get checks out the door quickly to organizations that need the funds. Force4Giving was created to fill this gap and get checks in the hands of groups as fast as possible. In most cases, Force4Giving reduces the time for delivery from weeks or months to 10 days.

Here’s to a strong end-of-year! And watch out 2024 – we have a new goal to beat.

From all of us at Force4Good, have a wonderful holiday season.