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Have a fundraiser to plan? Host it at a local restaurant!

How restaurant fundraisers work:

A restaurant fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money for your nonprofit or school group. Restaurant fundraiser events are a fun way to gather your supporters, share great food, and watch the donation to your cause go up and up.

Restaurants who participate in fundraisers commit to donating a percentage of sales from the event to your organization. The more people you bring to the restaurant, the greater the donation you’ll receive. (Plus, more people = more fun!)

3 reasons to host your next fundraiser at a restaurant:


It's easy

When you choose a restaurant running the Force4Good platform, signing up can take as little as 3 minutes. Plus, we generate marketing materials for you and make sharing easy so you can have a more successful event.


It's fun

Everyone eats, so why not share a meal for a good cause? And when you're not stressing about the details and logistics, you can relax and enjoy, too.


It's effective

The average fundraiser event brings home a $150 donation for your organization, everyone has fun, and it's easy to schedule again!

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