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Benefits of hosting restaurant fundraisers

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Restaurants that fundraise enjoy these benefits

Restaurant fundraisers are growing in popularity as a fantastic way to both market restaurants and give back to the local community. More than ever, people are looking for feel-good events that bring the community together for a great cause, which makes fundraisers a win-win for everyone involved. Beneath these wonderful surface opportunities, however, there are even more benefits and reasons for restaurants to start their own fundraising programs – and with platforms like Force4Good, fundraiser programs are accessible and easy to implement for almost any restaurant chain.

In our recent white paper, we do a deep dive into data and findings to provide a look into recent restaurant fundraiser trends. We’ll reveal:

  • average donation amounts
  • the nonprofit organizations that host the most successful events
  • fundraiser seasonality trends

and more. We’ll share some details in this article, but be sure to get the full scoop!

If you’re unfamiliar with restaurant fundraisers, the concept is simple: a nonprofit organization such as your local PTA, youth sports team, or high school band, partners together with a restaurant to raise money for their cause during a certain date and time. The nonprofit advertises the event to their network of supporters and local community who attend the fundraiser and purchase food from the restaurant. After the event, the restaurant donates a percentage of sales back to the nonprofit organization (usually around 20% of fundraiser sales). Some details vary from restaurant to restaurant, but the concept is more or less the same.

There are many benefits to hosting restaurant fundraisers. By the numbers, the average Force4Good fundraiser results in:

  • $650 in fundraiser sales
  • $136.50 in donations to a nonprofit organization
  • 20 new restaurant customers
  • 97% less effort to administer than without fundraiser software

If you’re a restaurant proprietor, you probably know a night or two of the week that could use an extra $650 or more in sales. With software like Force4Good, owners and managers can set guidelines and availability for fundraisers, focusing them on timeframes that most benefit their business. It’s that simple. Restaurant fundraisers are also a fantastic way to build connections with your own local community. And, bonus benefit: fundraiser donations are also tax deductible!

When you weigh the benefits against the minimal cost of administering fundraisers, it’s easy to see why more and more restaurant brands are offering these events.

If the idea of driving restaurant sales while doing good interests you, be sure to drop us a line or schedule a demo of Force4Good to learn more!