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Want to drive sales at your restaurant? Partner with these organizations.

Which organizations are best to partner with

When you think of restaurant fundraisers, what types of organizations come to mind? Though local charities or high school bands may be the first you think of, they represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of nonprofit organizations. We see it all at Force4Good – everything from your local high school volleyball team, to chess clubs and college radio stations, to animal rescues (puppies and kittens, please). The diversity among organizations is inspiring – there’s truly something for everyone.

While all of these organizations are amazing and every cause is worthy in our eyes, some of these organizations bring in bigger crowds than others. Want to know which kinds of nonprofits make the best fundraiser partners? Check out our white paper, which breaks out the trends we’re seeing. In this post, we’ll just cover the types of organizations that consistently earn the best sales results.

When we pull the data of average fundraiser sales, a few related groups dominate the top of the charts. Here are the groups and their average fundraiser sales:

  1. Private schools (K-12): $900+
  2. School PTA/PTO organizations: $890
  3. Public schools (K-12): $750
  4. Sororities: $750

From the first three organizations, we can draw some broad conclusions:

  • They all have massive memberships, as they usually include all students, their families, as well as school faculty and staff, whether public or private.
  • Their causes usually benefit the same students and families who are attending the event in some way, which is an excellent driver to attend the fundraiser.

These reasons make schools and parent organizations fantastic partners for fundraisers. Schools are able to market their events directly to families by making announcements in-school or online, at PTA/PTO meetings, or with take-home flyers. Since the funds stay local and go toward things like field trips, school gardens, or prom, school group members are often highly motivated to attend. Coupled with the fact that the school you’re partnering with is local, there’s a large community draw to the event, too.

The group that stands out in this data are sororities, as neither of the above statements are true for this group. Their membership is usually considerably smaller than a school and while some of their fundraisers may benefit their specific chapters, quite often their fundraisers are held to benefit their sorority’s chosen charity. It’s also worth noting that on average, sororities land above music groups, sports teams, school clubs, and well above their organizationally-similar “Greek life” counterparts, fraternities ($400 per fundraiser).

What’s their secret? If we had to speculate, we’d hypothesize that the difference comes down to marketing. Sororities have dialed in marketing their restaurant fundraisers and reliably drive attendance to each event. Regardless of how exactly they’re doing it, the numbers don’t lie: sororities make great fundraising partners and should be on your short list of groups to work with.

Want to see how all the nonprofits stack up on our list? Check out our white paper for those details and more! If you’re interested in bringing fundraisers to your restaurant, send us a message or set up a demo to see firsthand how Force4Good can boost your brand and your impact in the community.