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Post-pandemic restaurants are struggling. Bring people back in with restaurant fundraisers.

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Fundraisers are bringing customers back to restaurants

Though it’s been years since the COVID pandemic began, many surviving restaurants are still stabilizing and recovering from the effects of worldwide lockdowns in 2020 and onwards. As this TIME article highlights, “roughly 80,000 restaurants have temporarily or permanently closed since the start of the pandemic.” It’s been a rough few years for both restaurant owners and their staff, to say the least. As a result, there’s no shortage of marketing strategies and tactics that focus on bringing patrons and sales back through the doors.

There’s one tactic that has an edge on the endless BOGOs and discount coupons: restaurant fundraisers. These events show promising sales numbers and conversions for restaurants, while also costing extremely little to plan and execute when using a platform such as Force4Good.

If you’ve never attended or heard of restaurant fundraisers, the concept is simple: a nonprofit organization such as your local PTA, youth sports team, or high school band, partner together with a restaurant to raise money for their cause during a certain date and time. The nonprofit advertises the event to their network of supporters and local community who attend the fundraiser and purchase food from the restaurant. After the event, the restaurant donates a percentage (usually around 20%) of sales back to the nonprofit organization.

These types of fundraisers are growing in popularity and are a win-win for restaurants for a number of reasons. Some of these benefits include:

  • the ability to drive sales during slower nights of the week
  • acquiring new customers who visit your restaurant for the first time during their organization’s fundraiser
  • growing local relationships and giving back to your community

If you’d like the ability to drive sales and help others in the process, look no further. Force4Good is a first-of-its-kind fundraising platform that streamlines restaurant fundraisers, bringing chain restaurants and local nonprofits together to raise funds, simplifying the process for both sides! The average Force4Good fundraiser brings in $650 in fundraiser sales and requires 97% less effort to administer than manual methods. We dig into these details and more, such as the kinds of organizations that drive the most sales in our white paper.

Interested in bringing restaurant fundraisers to your brand? Contact us for more information and a demo of our platform to learn about becoming a Force4Good.