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Force4Good Fundraising featured in QSR Magazine

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We’re excited to share that Force4Good was featured in an article by QSR Magazine, a leading restaurant industry publication. The article, published on Friday, August 18th, gave an overview on Force4Good, its cofounder, Steven Cook, as well as some of the fundraising portal’s features and interesting data Force4Good has compiled since its inception.

Titled “Automating the ROI of Restaurant Fundraisers”, QSR Magazine says on cofounder Steven Cook and Force4Good’s origins:

After several years of working with the 3,000-unit fast casual [Chipotle] on the effort, Cook ventured out to create Force4Good. Back then, he says, fundraising was something on Chipotle’s radar and some other brands, but it wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as it is today. Force4Good ran through some early iterations and hit the COVID wall like others (there weren’t a lot of community events taking place in 2020’s pandemic depths). But the program picked up last summer, Cook says. Force4Good signed its first contract, built out the program, did a soft release in November, and held its official launch in January 2022.

Steven also discusses the fact that restaurant fundraisers are here to stay:

Cook says fundraising is only gaining more prevalence with younger consumers and a changing generation. “It’s more important than ever that businesses stand for something, whether it’s a mission or they contribute to the community,” he says. “People want to eat at restaurants that are mission driven. And with the labor shortage, guess what? People want to work at restaurants that are mission driven and supporting the community.”

Check out the full article here (or read it on our LinkedIn page) and let us know what you think. Thanks for the feature, QSR Magazine!