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Game on! Peak fundraiser season is coming.

Students with backpacks heading back to school

“Do you remember – fundraisers kick off in September?”
– The little-known original lyrics to Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic hit “September”

If you Google “restaurant fundraisers,” you’ll notice the top brands like Chipotle, Panda Express, and Chick-fil-A all battling through SEO for top search results. Why is that? These brands have figured out that restaurant fundraisers are a proven and effective tool that drive sales, acquire new customers, build community goodwill, and create positive brand impressions (especially during a looming recession).

The only downside to these wonderful events is that they can be tough for a restaurant team to manage manually, especially if you’re planning to host multiple events per month. Enter Force4Good, a fundraising portal software that revolutionizes the process for restaurant teams, their fundraising partners, franchisees, and marketing teams. Intelligent software like Force4Good is a game changer, automating complicated processes and reducing the admin time for each fundraiser to mere minutes per event, allowing brands to scale their fundraising efforts and host as many events per month as possible. If you’d like to read more about Force4Good’s many features, you may download a 68-point feature sheet here.

So why is this the perfect time to work with Force4Good and optimize your program? Restaurant fundraisers largely follow the school schedule and see their yearly peak in the fall, with requests and events slowly building in August, cranking up speed in September, and maximizing in late October and November. If you check out our handy-dandy fundraiser chart here, we’re currently ascending the slope on this year’s fundraiser rollercoaster:

Fundraiser sales by month

As school starts back up in the fall, organizations like PTO/PTAs, sports teams, marching bands, college organizations, and nonprofits all begin holding their first meetings of the school year. And guess what’s on everyone’s agenda? Fundraising. If you’re part of a restaurant team and don’t have a fundraising program, you’re likely missing out on sales and customers who are visiting your local competitors instead.

If you’re beginning to feel some FOMO, no worries – it’s not too late to implement fundraisers in your restaurants this year. Force4Good’s white-glove implementation service works quickly to custom-tailor our software to your brand’s look and feel. The full implementation process usually only takes about 30 days.

To get started and learn more about Force4Good’s fundraising portal, contact us or schedule a demo with our team – we’d love to meet you and hear about your big goals.