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Force4Good launches new non-profit, Force4Giving, to streamline fundraising donations to charities and organizations 

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(ERIE, Colo.) March 30, 2023 – Force4Good recently unveiled Force4Giving, a new 501(c)(3) public charity. Their mission statement reads: “Force4Giving seeks to increase charitable giving in an effort to support small and local nonprofit organizations by streamlining fundraising and donation processes.” A separate business entity from the fundraising platform Force4Good, the non-profit was incorporated in Colorado on March 28, 2023.

Force4Good CEO Steven Cook created Force4Giving after recognizing a clear need for an intermediary between businesses and charitable organizations:

“Through our work with restaurants at Force4Good, I learned that corporate giving makes up less than 5% of annual charitable contributions in America – this was shocking to me. Digging deeper, we found that many restaurant chains would gladly donate more to support their local communities if there was a simple and cost-effective way to do so. As an example, it’s much easier for a large corporation to make a $1MM national donation to the American Red Cross (a fantastic organization) than it is to make small donations to 5,000 local nonprofits and schools across the country. The desire is there, but the U.S. needs a charity that is able to bridge the gap and make local donations easy.”

Restaurant fundraisers have grown in popularity as effective, yet simple-to-execute methods for restauranteurs to give back to their local communities. Force4Good provides a software platform that facilitates fundraisers, helping restaurants and non-profit organizations connect and raise funds together. Restaurants utilizing Force4Good work with local charities to bring their supporters into the store on a given day, with a percentage of those sales going back to the charity. 

However, this process may slow down considerably when it’s time to pay the partnering organization. Once a fundraiser concludes, the restaurant tallies up the sales and sends the organization their proceeds from the event. In many cases, this may take weeks or months for restaurant brands to manage internally, which delays funds from reaching organizations that need them. The slowdown often comes once a payment request reaches a restaurant company’s accounts payable team, who manage the tax information and finer details of making donation payments to each group.

The Force4Giving charity was designed to solve and expedite this process, getting funds into the hands of deserving organizations as quickly as possible. Force4Giving reduces the time for delivery from weeks or months to 10 days in most cases.

Instead of managing dozens or hundreds of individual fundraiser payments to organizations per month, restaurant brands simply write a check to Force4Giving to cover their fundraiser donations for the prior two weeks. Force4Giving then collects the funds and disperses payment to fundraising partners, handling the brunt of the workload.

Partnering with Force4Giving will save companies thousands of hours of administrative time. Companies no longer need to write individual checks, key new vendors for each fundraising event, handle printing and mailing checks, deal with reissuing lost checks, or reconcile accounts when checks are deposited. The donation to Force4Giving is still tax deductible by the hosting business, as well.

Force4Good is optimistic that the benefits realized in their new non-profit, Force4Giving, will lower administrative hurdles and help restaurants host more fundraising events than ever before, benefiting organizations and communities across the country. 


Force4Good believes in lifting local communities with a goal to facilitate one million fundraisers by 2025 for nonprofits, school groups and charitable causes. Force4Good donates 1% of its own revenue to nonprofits. More at