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Force4Good Launches Streamlined Fundraising System for Independent Restaurants and Franchises

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(ERIE, Colo.) March 6, 2023 — Building on the success of their enterprise restaurant system, Force4Good today announced the launch of a PRO tier for small franchises and independent restaurants. 

“Force4Good PRO includes services for small chains and franchises, and independent operators who want a fast, easy, and economical fundraising system with immense functionality,” said Steven Cook, CEO, Force4Good. “It’s a brilliant way to quickly and affordably jumpstart a local marketing program and connect with your community.”

Fundraisers are increasingly popular among restaurants as they seek to rebound after COVID and months of rising inflationary pressures. Restaurants work with local charities to bring their supporters into the store on a given day, with a percentage of those sales going to that charity.

Force4Good makes fundraising easy. The software as a service handles all the IRS tax requirements for making tax-deductible donations and generates all event marketing materials for the nonprofits. It makes fundraisers easy to apply for and easy to coordinate, and even provides tips on how to make the events successful and profitable.

PRO tier pricing starts at $19 per month to have a store or franchise set up to host fundraisers in mere minutes. Force4Good also provides a free option for restaurants that may be new to local marketing and in-store fundraising programs.

“We encourage restaurateurs to sign up for the free service first. This allows them to get the feel for the technology and develop a local marketing strategy that works best for them,” said Cook. 

Force4Good fundraising technology provides many benefits:

  • Local community organizations can earn much needed money by holding fundraisers at restaurants. Force4Good makes the process simple, efficient and effective.
  • Fundraisers often bring in patrons who are unfamiliar with or are otherwise new to the restaurant, thereby increasing the customer base. Marketing and word-of-mouth from the charity provides excellent marketing support to the restaurant.
  • A restaurant’s reputation is enhanced and protected when it invests in the local community. New customers become loyal customers, while community groups act as restaurant ambassadors.
  • Fundraisers bring in customers during off-peak hours and encourage larger ticket sales. Restaurant owners can schedule fundraisers to improve sales during slow days or hours. And because the event is charity-focused, ticket sales tend to be higher than usual.

Force4Good’s online platform handles the fundraiser application process including the tax exemption verification for non-profit groups, generates event marketing materials and streamlines correspondence with the non-profit group. Comprehensive reporting and tax documentation are immediately available after an event has concluded. Local community groups also appreciate the ease and convenience of raising money at restaurants.

Force4Good launched their enterprise fundraising platform in 2022, with partners including Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, MOD Pizza, Qdoba Mexican Eats and others. Last year, these groups hosted more than 6,900 fundraising events, bringing in more than $1 million in donations off of $5.7 million in sales.


Force4Good believes in lifting local communities with a goal to facilitate one million fundraisers by 2025 for nonprofits, school groups and charitable causes. Force4Good donates 1% of its own revenue to nonprofits. More at